Reduce Go import paths

Gii: Reduce Go import paths

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Add not Go project repositories to .goimportsignore.

When you employ go-style directory tree1 to maintain all repositories on your local environment, your $GOPATH/src might have many repositories even if they aren’t written in Go, and hence goimports becomes slower.

gii lists up repositories which aren’t Go projects from your $GOPATH/src and writes them to .goimportsignore so that goimports can ignore those repositories.


Run just gii if environment variable $GOPATH is defined. If you want to use another root path, use --gopath flag.

gii appends paths of repositories which aren’t Go projects but haven’t been added in $GOPAH/.goimportsignore yet. To delete paths from .goimportsignore, edit that file manually.

Here is the help text of gii:

gii [global options]

   --gopath GOPATH  GOPATH [$GOPATH]
   --help, -h       show help
   --version, -v    print the version


To build the newest version of Gii, use go get command:

$ go get

If you’re a Homebrew user, you can install Gii by the following commands:

$ brew tap jkawamoto/gii
$ brew install gii

Otherwise, compiled binaries are also available in Github.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.

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