Roadie provides a easy way to run your programs on

It helps you to upload your source codes to the cloud, create and delete instances, and manage outputs.


Simple example

Suppose your are in a directory which has your source code and script.yml, then the following command

$ roadie run --local . --name analyze-wowah script.yml

uploads your source code in the current directory, and run them in such a manner that script.yml specifies.

The script.yml is a simple YAML file like

  - unrar
  - unrar x -r wowah.rar
  - analyze WoWAH
  - *.png

The above script.yml asks roadie to install apt package unrar and download a data file from such URL as the preparation. Then, it directs to run those two commands; unrar the downloaded file, analyze the obtained data files.

You can check your program is still running or ends by

$ roadie status

After the program finishes, roadie uploads results of such commands to a cloud storage. You can access those results by

$ roadie result get analyze-wowah "*" -o ./res

roadie will download all result files into ./res directory.