A Logger for F-Plug

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Continuously reporting data from Fujitsu’s fplug.

Fplug Logger


Install with Docker

$ docker pull jkawamoto/fplug-logger

For Raspberry Pi,

$ docker pull jkawamoto/rpi-fplug-logger


$ docker run -d -v /dev/rfcomm0:/dev/rfcomm0 --privileged \
    jkawamoto/fplug-logger [--interval INTERVAL] [--output OUTPUT] [path]


  • positional arguments:
    • path: Path to an RFCOMM device. (default: /dev/rfcomm0)
  • optional arguments:
    • –interval INTERVAL: Interval seconds of reporting. (default: 60sec)
    • –output OUTPUT: Output. (default: stdout)

If you run this on Raspberry Pi, use jkawamoto/rpi-fplug-logger instead of jkawamoto/fplug-logger.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.