Node-RED nodes


This software includes seven Node-RED nodes; a Node-RED node provides some of functions such as receiving data from a data source, modifying data, and sending data to other servers.

The following is a brief description of Node-RED nodes this software provides:

  • dft: providing top-k Discrete Fourier Transformation,
  • dlpa: providing Distributed Laplace Perturbation Algorithm (DLPA) which is one of the main algorithm of PASTE.
  • fluentd-parser: parsing messages from Fluentd,
  • fplug-splitter: splitting messages from fplug-logger into four messages so that each message has only one sensor value,
  • guard: waiting to send message until it receives messages from all topics,
  • local-sum: aggregating topics and computing summation of those values,
  • rgen: generating a random value every 10 second to test other nodes.

Most of the above nodes are available in npm. To install them, see each